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We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of tragic insurance claim stories and are perplexed by the confusing policies available today. However, not having insurance coverage may be illegal or it can lead to financial trouble later on. Luckily with the help of an experienced insurance broker, you can sort out the confusion and focus on understanding the real benefits of various insurance covers.

At Jones Deslauriers Insurance, we are confident about the services we provide and will not shy away from giving you professional advice. Besides, we will be happy to show you why we are the top name in the insurance business. If you’re looking for a reliable insurance broker here are a few reasons why we are the best at what we do.

Community: We have known the majority of our clients for well over a decade - some even longer! Our office offers an engaging and interactive experience in the vibrant Little Italy neighborhood. All our brokers are fluent in Portuguese, allowing us to serve the Portuguese and Brazilian community. Simply put, we strive to make our clients feel right at home.

Service: Our clients appreciate traditional face to face service interaction. We offer friendly, personalized services while providing a variety of personal and commercial policy insurance products. We are detail-oriented, and no client of ours is ever rushed - your comfort and satisfaction are a top priority.

Attitude: Our brokers are dedicated, knowledgeable, and thrive on client care. Our current and new clients will not be disappointed with the caring advice and step-by-step processes we offer.

Convenience: Our office is centrally located in Toronto, and easily accessible through a variety of personal and public modes of transportation. So, you can drive, take the TTC, or even walk. We have a great location, offer great hours, and are genuinely excited to increase our availability through the launch of our new website!

Peace of mind: Our brokers are highly trained and efficient at educating our customers, explaining the types of available coverage, and answering queries. It’s important to us that you receive a policy that best fits and covers all of your insurance needs because your peace of mind is essential to us.

We strive to offer the best home and commercial insurance in Toronto, ON, and we ensure that we exceed all your expectations and always put you first. We help you understand the different covers available for your unique needs and ensure these are well within your budget. We are proud of the work we do for our clients and are happy to find new ways to serve you better.

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